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  • Hi Brian, The hood and side stripes I ordered turned out great on this project. I attached some pics so you can see for yourself. You guys make a great product and it is cut exactly to the measurements of the car. Thanks again!

    Thank you,
    D Gibson(08/27/2018)

  • Can’t always pinpoint the reason for loyalty to a business that has treated you well. In this case I can.

    Thank you,
    Kennith (06/24/2018)

  • I have a 2012 Dodge Challenger R/T, I saw one of you kits I like, not sure of the model number, I will order the style in the morning or Monday, I have been looking for a quality kits and noticed yours, nice web sight.

    Thank you for getting back to me I know it's late,

    again thanks. Jame

  • We make a lot of rally, accent stripes in house here, but when we don’t have the time we have to order. We have used a lot of different suppliers and fit is very important to us (usually the customers don’t even notice) but we do and your stuff fits well so being in business 27 years makes sense! Thanks!
    Chris (04/24/2017)
    Chariot Graphics Inc.
  • I've used ridergraphix on all 4 of my Challengers and these guys and their products are fantastic no matter which you go for. Check out their shade charts as my purple was not a normal color but came out great.

    B5Bomber (03/18/2017)
    member of

  • I am attaching a photo of my 2016 Challenger in “Maximum Steel”, with your AAR style strobe kit, in gunmetal metallic.  It came out very good.  Thanks.
    Jeff E (12/26/2016)

  • The Stripes look fantastic on my Challenger, and I am very happy with them.
    John S (05/18/2016)


  • I just installed the RT Classic extensions on my '13 RT and they look great. They match the OEM stripes very well. Saved me a lot of time making custom extensions and makes the stripe look "complete" now. Thanks for making a great product. There is no doubt that I will buy the hood blackout in white from you guys when I buy one.
    John S (05/18/2016)
    member of


  • I purchased a stripe set a few years ago and I've been happy with the outstanding quality of your work

    ChrisK (05/09/2016)

  • Very, Very pleased. These decals were applied by myself and another, neither of us had ever touched decals. (we both had done some painting) Because of your outstanding instruction sheet, they went on perfect! I am so happy with the product, the really fast shipping, and the instructions.
    This is so good considering our total lack of experience. This is not a task for the faint of heart.

    Be Proud of Your Product....

    KFreeman (04/10/2016)

  • This is the second stripe kit that I have purchased from you. This is the most recent that I had installed today. I am extremely happy with your product. The internet is loaded with a wide array of stripe kits. Yours are by far the best quality at an affordable price. Thanks very much. You really made my Challenger look great.

    Lustig (03/25/2016)
  • GREAT!!!  I wish you knew how much time I wasted on one of your alleged “competitors” for the same item… I didn’t see you offering it when I first looked through your site. I just sort of stumbled upon it today and am THRILLED you responded to my initial e-mail let alone how fast the reply was!!! They have yet to respond to my e-mails or phone messages. THEY LOST OUT!!! Or perhaps I came out ahead… somehow I think so!

    Doug M(02/25/2016)

  • Should have given them a shout out (normally do). On my 4th Challenger and everyone of them were striped with Rider's products. GREAT quality and perfect fit. Also the purple I showed was a customize color from their chart, checkout their site lots of pictures to check what works best for you. Thanks Dave.

    B5Bomber (01/24/2016)
    ChallengerTalk Forum

  • Many people have made extremely positive comments about my car in less than 24hrs of putting on the stripe. They say things like ," It's the best looking Charger I've ever seen"! or " that's a badass Charger". Thanks again for producing such a fine product. I love it and would recommend it to anyone.  

    JamesM (01/21/2016)

  • Team:    I just ordered a gloss black hood strobe graphic and top rear spoiler graphic for my 2016 SRT challenger 392.  The reason for my email is to let you know that I didn’t hesitate to order from your website because of the quality control of your product in terms of fit and finish.  Back in the fall 2009 I ordered a complete set of graphics for my 2010 challenger RT and the effect was awesome.  I just sold the car last month.  The graphics still look great/perfect after 6 years and another reason the car sold quickly even with over 110K miles on it.  Thank you for a great product.  I’m anxious now to see my new graphics on my Redline colored 2016 Challenger SRT 392. 

    Grand Rapids, MI

  • Just had your stripes professionally applied to my new Challenger today and thought you might like to see some pictures.

    They look great. Thank you.

    Nick M (07/09/2015)
    Sioux Falls, SD

  • One thing I did want to mention is the quality of Rider Graphix stripes and decals are second to none. They simply produce the best stripe kits on the market!!

    RedBull2014 (06/21/2015)
    ChallengerTalk Forum

  • Yes, I have also heard that Rider is pretty much the best.

    Tshane72 (06/22/2015)
    ChallengerTalk Forum

  • I recently purchased the 2015 - 16 piece 392 style rally stripe kit. I love the way my car looks with the stripes.

    You asked that I send you some pictures. Hope you like as much as I do!!!!! Thanks and the stripes were very high quality.

    Larry I. (07/02/2015)

  • Got my rocker panel stripes put on yesterday and they look AWESOME.

    M. Sleeper(06/24/2015)

  • They are the best! I've had them used on both Challengers at Petty's Garage. The guys at Petty's Garage told me they are very high quality and the best fit. Here is a close up of my tail stripe on Killer Bee.

    VenomBee (01/05/2015)
    ChallengerTalk Forum

  • They have the best quality product with the best possible fit, I've purchased stripes from them twice now and both sets were perfect. I wouldn't buy a set of stripes from anyone but them.

    Xombiefighter91 (01/05/2015)
    ChallengerTalk Forum

  • Last month I ordered my shaker decals from them, shipped quick, high quality and installer had no issues. Will use them again!

    Dragons Layer(01/05/2015)
    ChallengerTalk Forum

  • Just finished adding the rear stripe on my 2015. Well done by them!! Everything was precision cut and fit as it should. Material was the perfect thickness and went on well.

    BlackDodge (01/05/2015)
    ChallengerTalk Forum

  • They are very professional and fast delivery.

    DragonSlayer716 (01/16/2015)

  • I ordered my side stripes from them and am very satisfied. I'm very impressed with their product variety and that the different items have their own options.

    Scat Pack (01/16/2015)

  • Fantastic website, I order the stripes for my Challenger there and the product you receive is a perfect fit and comes with instructions and a squeegee!

    MoparOrNoCar1 (01/16/2015)

  • After owning three Cuda's over the years, I have always liked the full length side stripes. So I ordered the stripe extensions for my RT from RiderGraphix also. I like their quality and fast shipping.

    ChallengerTalk Forum

  • Just got my RiderGraphix 70's R/T style stripes installed on my challenger. I'm really impressed with the quality of these stripes and they look great!! Yea, RiderGraphix cost alot more then other stripe kits, but if you want the best you gotta pay up.

    ChallengerTalk Forum

  • Santa brought me a RiderGraphix hood stripe for Xmas. Had it applied last week when I got my tints done. Perfect for my taste, simple but bad ass. Perfect match to the SG stripe on the trunk.

    ChallengerTalk Forum

  • I just got the super wide stripe I purchased from RiderGraphix done on my '15 R/T Plus today. Needless to say I'm very happy with it!

    ChallengerTalk Forum

  • Looks good! Ridergraphix is the best for this stuff, I'd never consider buying from any other brand. I see people buying stripes from other vendors and I just know the fitment won't be as good as RG's stuff, you'll pay a little more but it's worth it to have your car looking proper.

    Xombiefighter91 (01/24/2015)
    ChallengerTalk Forum

  • I received my shaker decals and wow!  My 15 RT Shaker looks great,  I get constant compliments and you get the referrals.

    Louie C (01/09/2015)

  • I purchased my stripe extensions from ridergraphix because they have a real nice selection to choose from.

    Challenger Forums Member (11/06/2014)

  • Looks awesome!! Love PCP with white stripes. I think the extensions were a good choice.

    Can't beat RiderGraphix. I purchased hockey style stripes from them that look great. Really happy.

    Brent (10/03/2014)

  • I just purchased your hood spears for my 2010 Camaro RS, I was going to have a pro shop install but decided to do myself. It took a little patience and was very easy to install. Love the look it gives my car now, material is high quality.


  • Wanted to put a shout out there to RiderGraphix. They provided a very high quality kit and good instructions.


  • Rider Graphix,

    I ordered your matte black bumble stripe for my 2012 Dodge Challenger a couple of months ago and wanted to share the results.  The price of your product was reasonably priced given the high quality material and cut of the stripe.  I am glad that I did not pass at the chance of purchasing from your company.  I opted to have it professionally applied and not risk jacking up the work myself.  The result was outstanding, matte black on gloss black, cant beat the sleek 70's retro look!


    Josh H.(05/19/2014)

  • I ordered stripes from you a few weeks ago.  I have never put any on before.  With your instructions it was very simple.  I really love how they look on my 2014 Dodge Challenger Shaker. I have enclosed a photo for you.

    Angel H(05/16/2014)


  • I was going to have a professional install the decals but the price quote of $150 was just too steep.  I trusted your website and installed myself.  The results are amazing! 


  • I recommend Rider Graphix. Have a lot of choices and the quality is excellent. Put mine on 3 years ago and still look like new. Customer service is also excellent.

    Challenger Forums Member (09/12/2013)

  • As an attorney who is obsessed with details, I looked at hundreds of striped cars on the Internet and read numerous  auto chat forum discussions before concluding Ridergraphix stripes were the best for my car.  More memorable, however, was the superb customer service provided to me by Ridergraphix.  Their support person promptly and exactly answered a number of questions I asked, ultimately saving me from following my car dealership's wrong advice to apply wax over top of my matte stripes.  Thanks so much, Ridergraphix!

    Justin L (03/20/2013)

  • I ordered my Spoiler Blackout from Ridergraphix as well, had a local installer put it on a year ago - still looks great - no issues !

    Challenger Forums Member (01/04/2013)

  • I found Rider Graphix to be reasonable, professional and easy to deal with. I don't know what other graphic place are on this forum, but they are no doubt IMO on here for good reason. I found a local place to put them on. I'm moving forward with it because of how reasonable Rider was. Check them out if you haven't decided.

    Challenger Forums Member (01/03/2013)

  • I want to say Thank You to RiderGraphix, I just completed a custom order for hood stripes on my 2012 Challenger, and they were extremely responsive and the level of customer service I received was far above anything I expect from an online or even a local vendor. I can't wait to see the final product and get it installed on my car. RiderGraphix has a customer for life now because the level of customer service I just received! Thank You!!!!

    Ben G (07/24/2012)

  • I've used Rider Graphix, and though communication is only via e-mail, it is prompt and he has been very helpful. Either on his site or a forum thread, it shows how some competitors' decals don't align properly with the Challenger's body lines. I will attest that his stuff fits perfectly.

    Challenger Forums Member (07/12/2012)

  • I recently purchased the Hood Decal Style 7 and had it installed by my Tint guy whom has done all of my tints since forever. After he put it on he tells me that this is the best decal he has ever seen. The commitment to detail is out of this world. even cut out the holes for the wiper fluid jets. He then told me he's keeping my box because he wants to be able to recommend to other people when they ask him where they should get theirs. If your hesitant when it comes to buying from don't be. We all get what we pay for and believe me you get top quality decals with them...

    I recommend them all day long!


    Challenger Forums Member (06/30/2012)

  • Good afternoon. I was wondering just how closely your nose decals match the matte black finish of my RT stripes. I look forward to your response.

    I just wanted to say I finally had the chance to install the decals and they're great! Perfect match...couldn't be happier.

    Regards, Chuck (03/23/2012)

  • With little effort I applied Matt Black Hood Spears (with  5.0 ) on my 20011 GT CS red candy Mustang and it looks EXCELLENT!!   The Hood Spears pattern perfectly fit the hood and matched the Ford side stripes so well they look as if they were OEM.

    Thank you for producing a high quality product!!
    Bill G (03/17/2012)

  • The decals themselves were pretty easy to install!  The first one took along time, the 2nd one went on in 5 minutes!!!  Nice product, I hope it can take the Arizona heat!!!  Thanks for a good Product!  I wrote a while back asking if the color of the new decal would match the stock stripe!  It looks like it came from the same decal sheet!!!  Awesome match. 
    Best Regards,

    Rick G. (03/13/2012)

  • I love the quality of your products. I have had that stripe kit on my 06 Charger for 3 years and it still looks as good as it did when they got originally installed. I would never consider buying from anyone but you.
    Have a great day
    Randy F(03/01/2012)


  • Howdy, I wanted to tell you I appreciate the professional support and excellent quality of your product. I have attached a few pictures of my project and you are welcome to use them for advertisement if you wish.

    Again Thank You
    Felix G. (02/24/2012)


  • Just got my stripes on my 2012 Challenger (Full R/T extension stripe B series) and I get so many people turning their heads. I am by no means an expert at putting decals on cars but this was cake! Well worth  the investment. keep up the good work!!!

    Shawn K (02/18/2012)

  • Before I bought mine from Ridergraphix I went shopping locally for someone to install them. I found a tint and trim shop that had experience installing them. THEY even mentioned that it was better to buy stripes from someone who has experience making them for you specific model car.

    I couldn't be happier with RG's quality...............

    Albuquerque NM (01/29/2012)

  • If you do decide on vinyl stripes, pay the extra money for the quality. The Colonel's experience applying cheaper vinyl was not conducive to his anxiety problem. The reason a company like RG is so successful is they go on the easiest and the quality is outstanding.


  • I'm really happy with how they turned out and everyone that has seen them have commented on how good they look.

    Elk Grove, CA (01/29/2012)

  • I wanted to let you know that the Vinyl I originally ordered is almost 4 years old now and looks as good as the day I installed it on the car. Fantastic quality and very happy with your company!

    Art M.
    Modesto CA.

  • Thanks for the decal, it looks great you guys at Rider Graphix did an excellent job.

    Thanks Again!

  • I purchased flat black hood stripes for my 09 Challenger about a month ago, and I couldn't be happier with them. I was amazed at how easily they went on, and I am really pleased with the fit and the color. It's clear that you run a top-notch business and sell a high quality product.

    Thanks again!

    - Kap (08/16/2011)

  • I just wanted to share these photos of the stripe kit I purchased from you last June. I put them on our Dodge Avenger this past weekend & I followed the instructions to a “T” & it went very well, actually I surprised myself having never installed stripes of this size before & thought it really well. I also added photos taken on the driver’s side especially around the fuel filler door, to give you an idea how your stripes fit on that side of the car.

    Mike D (07/11/2011)

  • I just wanted to thank you for the amazing looking stripes you made for my 2011 Charger R/T...I cant begin to tell you how many compliments I am getting on them.

    I have never once purchased decals once from an internet company that i didn't have an issue with whether the didn't fit or the glue wouldn't hold the decals on, I always ended up unsatisfied and spending way more than I wanted. your prices were very reasonable and you were very helpful in making sure I got what I would be happy with. even my bodyshop that I have dealt with for years said to "you finally brought me some good quality decals"

    !!! Thank You again!!!

    Dom T.(06/24/2011)


  • Got my decal in the mail today, Wow talk about service, Thanks so much.

    Nancy R. (04/27/2011)

  • Had my stripes on for a little while now and am very pleased.  It sure does get the looks going down the road. Thanks for a great product!

    AC (04/10/2011)

  • Thanks for your patience while dealing with me. The white 392 style stripes look just awesome on my HO R/T. I couldn't be more happy with the quality and the way they look over all. Memeber (03/18/2011)

  • I got the stripes from a vender on this site. Ridergraphix, they were having a 15% off sale when I bought them so final price was like $315. There are cheaper ones on ebay but you get what you pay for. These follow the body lines perfectly. Memeber (01/05/2011)

  • I am responding to the receipt of the replacement nose stripes. Recieved the stripes in good shape and have installed on the nose of my Challenger.
    Thanks again for your quick response, service and product. It was very much appreciated.
    John (11/24/2010)

  • I am very interested in your T/A stripes for my 2009 Challenger.  I recently purchased a set from a seller on EBAY and they were ridiculously designed and the cut was awful (too thin and didn’t faithfully follow the contour of the car, especially the rear stripe).  So – I stumbled across your website (, and your stripe looks marvelous.  If all the pictures of the vehicles actually represent the stripe set you are selling, I am ready to spend the extra bucks and purchase from you.

    Chris B. (11/17/2010)

  • Rider Graphics is the bomb. I tried "others" before I went to Rider. I should have called them first. Everyone asks us who did the stripe work on our Charger.

    Satisfied Customer (09/01/2010)

  • I recieved mine promptly after ordering, no hassles or excuses, they delivered.

    Satisfied Customer (09/10/2010)

  • Without a doubt go with Ridergraphix. Mine have been perfect since day one over a year ago and are even higher quality than the factory hood to fender stripes that were on the car from Dodge.

    Satisfied Customer (09/10/2010)

  • I bought from another vendor first, they sucked big time, started to peel on edges.
    got ridergraphix never looked back. u get what you pay for.

    Satisfied Customer (09/10/2010)

  • Every local car graphics installers that have looked at my stripes from RiderGraphix have said they are the cleanest stripes they've seen, and they didn't carry/use vinyl of that quality.
    When people in the business give props to Ridergraphix...that really says something.

    You get what you pay for.
    Satisfied Customer (09/10/2010)

  • I finally got some pics with the custom red metallic stripes you were able to cut for me. I wanted a unique color that nobody else had and needless to say you helped me achieved my goal. As always shipping and customer service were top notch.

    I don't know why people go with cheap decals because you can easily tell the difference in quality. Buy quality decals once, pay a reliable installer, and get it right the first time...No headaches.

    Mark (08/22/2010)

  • I got the decals they worked out perfect thanks for your help..!!
    Michael B (08/12/2010)

  • Hello Mr. Rider,
    This is a note of thanks. I had the stripes installed today by a professional. I may have been able to do it myself but I did not have a suitable place for the install. The stripes are perfect..the spacing and graphics are in the correct position. Today here in Florida it is around 105 degrees; I will wait a week for the adhesive to cure before washing.
    Best regards,
    Robert M (07/28/2010)
    BTW..If a potential customer has any questions with regard to this kit you may refer them to me or reference me.


  • "I had my stripe kit installed yesterday and it looks great. I had to order the matte black hood stripes from another company because I could not afford the price of your hood stripe kit. The kit from them was like $165.00. Your kit not only looks better, but it looks more durable too. I know, I know, you get what you pay for. If I could afford your hood stripe kit I would order it ASAP. "

    Robert M. (07/13/2010)

  • "They have some of the greatest products. I have used them, with absolutely no problem, for my customers."

    Becky D (07/09/2010)

  • Great product and quick service, would definitly buy from again. Thanks!!!!!!!!!

    Mike (07/07/2010)

  • To whom it may concern,

    I just wanted to thank you for your expedient order handling.  I received my stripes yesterday and installed them yesterday evening!  They came out great, and I learned a lot about applying these graphics from your instructions.  I will get some photos soon and send them along to you.  Perhaps you could use them on your website?

    Again, thank you for your prompt shipping of my order.  You've been among the best online vendors that I've dealt with here on!  I look forward to doing business with your company again soon and duly appreciate your promptness of my order.

    Xian C. (07/01/2010)

  • Awesome Thanks!! I just placed the order. I just want to let you know that since you were very patient and nice to me I ordered from you. You were also prompt with your response even though the holidays. You were about 70 bucks more expensive then the competition, but their lack of communication led me to buy with you. Thank you for the great customer service! I will recommend you to others.

    David S. (06/02/2010)

  • Hey guys, just installed your R/T Classic side stripe extensions. I followed the instructions to the letter and the actual process took me about 10 minutes. The peel off step was flawless and I am extremely pleased with the outcome.
    Thumbs up for you guys and your products.
    JC (5/30/2010)

  • "Payment has been sent. On a side note, ...You do amazing work. I own a graphics shop, and I very rarely install customer supplied graphics, but yours always fit perfect."

    Thanks again,
    Greg L. (5/25/2010)

  • "Thanks alot for the great stripes kit!  The guys on the forum love it and gave lots of compliments.  I am really happy with the way they turned out.  I put them on myself, which was a little scary, but I took my time and did it right.  Kept the decals extremely wet until I had them where I wanted them.  I attached some pics.  They were the dark charcoal metallic with 6.2L LS3 cut out on them."
    Jeremy D. (5/20/2010)




  • Thanks For A Fine Product And Rapid Ship.
  • Decals Are GREAT, Quick Delivery, Super Product, Thank You.....
  • Nice Decal!!!
  • Fast Delivery - Product Received In Great Shape - Thanks
  • Fast And Good. A+
  • Exactly What I Wanted! Thanks!
  • Graphics Look Great! Plus Shipping Quick!
  • Smooth Transaction.... Highly Recommend
  • Fast Shipper
  • Fast Shipping, Beautiful Item, Fast Communication. AAA+++ Seller!
  • Smooth Transaction Recommended Seller A++++++++++++++++++++++
  • Excellent! Shipping Was Super Fast!
  • Looks Great.
  • GREAT Graphics, Easy To Apply THANKS ! A+++++
  • WOW, Easy To Install - The Charger Has A Whole New Look !!! A++
  • Smooth Transaction. Great Ebayer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Outstanding Service, Received My Purchase Very Quickly.
  • Put my stripe kit on today and THEY ARE GREAT !!!!! I did silver on Silver Steel and, while subdued, they look good. Thank you for the quick service and great product .



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